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Free shipping in Canada for orders over $75!
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Our Story

The idea for BambooBerry started in mid-2019 when my baby girl was still in my tummy, getting ready to come out. Already a mother of a cute little boy, I was often frustrated with the available selections at the big box retailers.  The material is not very comfy and usually doesn't last very long (or my son grows over it).  I'm sure all the mama's can relate. On top of that, being a fashion-oriented mom, seeking stylish designs with quality material, I quickly realized the lack of options available in our local malls, especially in Canada. With my daughter arriving around the corner, I started shopping online, outside of Canada to find high-quality, comfy and stylish clothing but even that wasn’t a fun journey. Obviously, my hubby wasn’t pleased with all the added costs for shipping, taxes and exchange rate. That’s exactly when I decided to do something to fix this problem!

For about a year, I did a lot of research and sampling of various fabrics and finally arrived at my favourite of it all, Bamboo Viscose.  Apart from being Eco-friendly, and naturally sourced, below are some of the key benefits of Bamboo Viscose. However, what really got me in LOVE (at first touch) was the softness. Yes, it’s the softest material you can find in the world!

  1. Naturally Soft - softer than the softest cotton; feels like BUTTER!
  2. Anti-bacterial - keeps you odour free and feeling and smelling fresh
  3. Sweat and Moisture Absorbent - keeps you dry on an active day
  4. Powerfully Insulating - keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  5. Naturally UV Protecting - protect yourself from skin cancer
  6. Hypoallergenic - natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions
  7. Eco-friendly - help save your planet!

BambooBerry finally came out of the womb in January 2021, committed to providing stylish baby sleepwear with superior quality, easy wear and long-lasting, all with Eco-friendly, natural fabrics.  All items sold on our website are carefully inspected multiple times to ensure it’s received by you in the highest quality standards. I hope that my research, love and passion is evident to you and your family as you wear our products.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your everyday life and we hope you’ll share your experience with your loved ones.